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  1. Firstly – Is it possible to have some signage put up around the village to protect horse riders? There are currently none – and as we only have the roads to ride on motorists seem completely unaware that they may come across horses on the village roads.

    Secondly – With 111 footpaths on only 2 bridleways (both down at Moorside) is it not possible for the PC to look at the possibility of upgrading some of the footpaths to make them accessible for horse riders?

  2. Just read the comments in the messenger regarding speeding by Rob Cullender and as a resident of many years would concur that Crown Road has never been an issue with speeding. The efforts of the CSWG would be better served checking the speeds along sodom lane and particularly around the junction of Nash lane and into Pilwell. As We live in Pilwell we have noticed a definite increase in speed from traffic over the years and has made entering or leaving our drive somewhat challenging. Please ask the CSWG if they could spend a bit of time in Sodom lane and Pilwell. It would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your comments. Our community speed watch group does monitor traffic along Sodom Lane and has in fact recorded one vehicle speeding in that location so far. We are not able to choose a monitoring site without Dorset Police carrying out an assessment and approving it, so we cannot just move location as you suggest. However the site in Sodom Lane does also cover a part of Pilwell so that any vehicle speeding along Pilwell should be spotted by the team. We have five sites in total across the village so we do not monitor Sodom every session, but please rest assured we will be covering Sodom Lane/Pilwell regularly.


      Rob Cullender, Speed Watch Coordinator

  3. Could we please have some ‘horse’ signs round the village. I’ve had drivers on blind corners saying ‘I didn’t expect to see a horse’! No answer to that really except ‘you are in the counrty’.

    Many thanks

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