Planning for the Future – a Government White Paper

The government recently published a white paper on reforming the planning system. This is not a tinkering exercise, but a wholesale transformation that will radically affect the way planning applications are processed and how much or little local authorities, consultees (including parish councils) and the general public will be able to affect the outcomes of such applications. Indeed, in some cases, applications may be ‘automatically approved’ without any consultation.

These are changes that could seriously affect the planning landscape, not only figuratively, but also literally. The summary posted here is a brief outline of the main changes proposed to give you some idea of their impacts. The government is urging organisations and individuals to respond to the white paper by means of a survey. The parish council intends to make a response. If you are concerned about such changes, we would suggest that you also respond via the survey for which the deadline is October 29th. At the end of the summary are two links, one to the full white paper document and the other to the government survey.

If you wish to make your views known to the parish council on this topic, please use the “Your Comments” link on the home screen. If received in time, we may be able to take your views on board in our response, but we would urge you to also make your own response as an individual.

CLICK HERE to view the summary