Minutes for 6th September 2021

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on
Monday the 6th September 2021

Present: Cllr Vaughan – Chairman, Cllr Tacon, Cllr Cullender, Cllr L Ruth, Cllr Winder, Cllr Hurlow, Cllr Turner, Cllr Locker, Cllr Holdship and Cllr O’Malley.
Attendance: Mrs Sally Upshall – Clerk.
There were two members of the public present

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming those present and announcing the Domestic Notice. The Chairman asked if anyone present wished to record the meeting, there was no requests. The Chairman reported that he will be recording the meeting only for clarification for the minutes, this recording will be deleted after the minutes have been produced.

1. Public Consultation
2. Apologies of absence.
Cllr Hamer and Cllr Carr-Jones – DC Councillor.
3. Declaration of Interest and Dispensations
Cllr Hurlow due to his expenses on the payment schedule.
4. Approval of the minutes – The minutes of the meeting that was held on the 2nd August 2021 were approved.

Matters arising from the last meeting –
Un Classified Road Ham Meadow Chairman – the Chairman noted that this is now open for use. The usage will be monitored by the residents and any unauthorised usage will be reported to Dorset Council.
Village Speed Control Cllr Cullender – Cllr Cullender reported following on from his meeting with Dorset council highways information that had previously been circulated to Councillors. The highways team has suggested that further traffic monitoring be utilised one be placed on Crown Road, School house lane and further down New Street. The Chairman suggested one being placed on Mill Lane as well. Cllr Cullender will ensure with highways that any place another traffic monitoring device is put will be a suitable place for a Speed Indicator Device. The cost of the new four will be £775 plus VAT, Cllr Cullender proposed that we approach Highways to have monitoring on these four new sites ensuring that these would be suitable places for a future SID, seconded by Cllr O’Malley all were in favour.
Garden Cemetery Procedure & joining of the organisation Clerk – the clerk has completed the joining application; The map needs to be completed with detail and the Clerk is working her way through it, Cllr Mrs Ruth will be the stand in for the clerk for the Cemetery when she is absent.
Training All – The chairman highlighted the Councillors to the training being put on by DAPTC to see if any Councillors would like to attend any. Cllr Winder reported that there is a new digital register of interest’s system being brought in and the training is coming up and encouraged Councillors to attend this course. Cllr Winder also noted that Councillors are being encouraged to not use personal emails but have a separate Parish Council one.
Recreation Ground grass cutting – Cllr Hamer – deferred to the next meeting.
Cricket Club / Football Club / Fest Contracts Cllr Looker – had circulated by email the draft contract to all Councillors. Cllr Looker will look at making this document personal for each organisation and circulate to Councillors.
Grit Bins – The bins need to be checked and refilled if necessary, Cllr Cullender will check the bins and report to Highways any that need replacing or refilling.
Recreation Ground Car Park White Lines Cllr Hamer / Cllr Ruth – Cllr Mrs Ruth reporting that they has not been any further progress with this at present.
Recreation Ground Benches Cllr Hurlow – Cllr Hurlow reported that he has all the items now to restore the bench and it is due to be fixed once the bottom has been welded, it should be completed by next weekend.
Finger Post Sign – the Chairman reported the post has been erected but is not in the correct place and so one of the signs cannot not be added to due to the branch of the tree. It will be looked at on Thursday and the Chairman and Cllr Hurlow will meet the team and get the post fixed satisfactorily.
Neighbourhood Plan Cllr Cullender – No further update at present.
St Gregs School Parking Update – The clerk replied to the residents who were complaining and has directing them to the school. Cllr Cullender noted that the parking signs on the road are going to be repainted.
Water leak Update – The clerk reported that the leak has been fixed and the Village Hall have paid the complete bill. The clerk has emailed and thanked the Village Hall.
St Gregs Church Trees report Cllr Hamer – Cllr Hurlow and Cllr Hamer have met with Mrs Sturgess and surveyed the trees and decided on which need attention. Cllr Hurlow and colleagues will complete the work at some point over the next few weeks.
Planning Applications –
P/HOU/2021/01770: Erect garage, store room and office – Longonot Crown Road
Resolved: No Objection.
P/HOU/2021/01731: Erect two storey rear extension, add dormer window to South East elevation and carry out internal alterations – 10 Fellowsmead
Resolved: No Objection.
P/HOU/2021/02114: Demolish and erect replacement garage – Popes Farm Cottage, Phillips Hill.
Resolved: No Objection.

5. Cllr Carr-Jones – Dorset Councillor – the clerk noted she was struggling to get hold of the dog warden and the Chairman will raise this will Cllr Carr-Jones.

6. Chairman’s urgent business-report –

The Chairman noted the amount of roads which are being resurfaced in the coming weeks and the subsequent road closures.
There is a new Methodist Church Minister and a new Catholic Priest.
St Gregory’s Church has plans to improve and refurbish it to ensure the future of the building both as a place of worship and a community resource.
The Chairman asked Cllr Holdship for the website to be upgraded and for things to be more easily available. The idea was posed for information to be added to the Marnhull Facebook page as well to give Villagers more information regarding the Parish Council. Cllr Cullender will add something to the Marnhull Facebook page regarding the traffic monitoring surveys.

7. Accounts –
The Payment Schedule for September 2021 for the sum of £5804.31 had been circulated, this was agreed and signed by the Chairman.
Electronic Banking – The clerk to contact Santander to find out further information about electronic banking – the clerk updated the council the process re the internet banking.

To receive Councillors Reports.
Parish Council Website/Marnhull Facebook – already discussed, the clerk and Cllr Holdship will get to together to have the clerk as a backup on the website.
Burton Street phone box – Cllr Holdship noted that the door is almost fixed it is the painting that is now left to complete and then it needs to be reassembled. The main box also needs to be sandblasted and repainted which would be better to complete before the door goes back on. Cllr Mrs Ruth will see if she can get some volunteers to help with the main box, she will liaise with Cllr Tacon and Cllr Holdship re timings with this. The Chairman asked how the new home for the men’s shed was coming along reply was floor in but no walls or door as yet.
Pavement alongside Clock Cottage Burton Street – the pavement is full up with pebbles from a property’s driveway. The clerk will write a letter to the property owners to clear the pebbles from the pavement.
Plant a Tree for the Jubilee Woodland Trust – The clerk to contact the Green Teams to see if they can assist.
Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebrations – Cllr Winder suggested that something go in the messenger to get a group together to arrange some celebration. The Chairman has something written up that he will add to the Messenger and to the clerk will add it to the Marnhull Facebook site to try and gain some interest from all members of the Village.
MVC Reception for Volunteers who assisted villagers during the last few months Chairman – The Chairman explained that there is going to be a reception for the New Comers and one for the Volunteers who assisted the villagers during the last few months. Marnhull Village Care are sourcing support from The Crown, Dikes and Blackmore Vale they would like the Parish Council to consider supporting them too. It was proposed by Cllr Tacon that the if the Parish Council has sufficient funds in the reserves the Parish Council donate £500, this as seconded by Cllr Looker, all were in favour with the Chairman removing himself from the voting due to his position in Marnhull Village Care.
Schools First Aid Chairman – It was felt that this to be looked at when we set the budget for next financial year.
Dorset Rights of Way Improvement Plan – the clerk has registered the Parish Council on the site. There is a consultation due to take place.
Under Community Governance Review number of Councillors for Marnhull Chairman – The Parish Council’s have expressed that they do not wish for there to be any changes in the boundaries for Marnhull.
Gigabit voucher – Deferred to the next agenda.

To consider any other matters arising from recent correspondence
The Chairman reported that he had had a telephone call from Mr Brazier re the following footpaths:

Footpath 105. Old Mill Lane by the footbridge and Catholic Church, style unsafe top and bottom steps loose.

Footpath 103. Last house on left in Old Mill Lane entry into footpath overgrown.

Reported to Chief Ranger Graham Stanley who is dealing and Vaughan Ham is aware.

Correspondence and items for the next meeting
Nothing further.

8. Date / Times of next meeting
Monday 4th October 2021 in the Village Hall, this may have to be reviewed due to the clerk’s leave.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.05 pm