Minutes for 4th April 2022

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on
Monday 4th April 2022.

Present: Cllr Vaughan – Chairman, Cllr Tacon – Vice Chairman, Cllr Turner, Cllr Cullender, Cllr Ruth, Cllr Winder
Attendance: Mrs Sally Upshall – Clerk.

There were 9 members of the public present

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming those present and announcing the Domestic Notice. The Chairman asked if anyone present wished to record the meeting, there was no requests. The Chairman reported that he will be recording the meeting only for clarification for the minutes, this recording will be deleted after the minutes have been produced.

Co-Option of New Councillor – Mark Terry answered the necessary questions and was co-opted onto the Council.
1 Public Consultation
Land Adjacent Joyces – Neighbour complaint regarding the proposed development. Loss of light and privacy and the proposed development on a green field site. It is the position of the proposed buildings that would have an impact on the neighbours.
Mr Mann spoke regarding the development in Musbury Lane, asking why it is back on the Parish Council agenda. Cllr Cullender explained the reason was due to the developers amending the application. It was noted that if you did object to the initial proposal then objecting again would be advisable.
Mr Mann went onto to speak regarding the new highway code, and that he does not feel that people driving in the Village are complying with the new highway code. The Chairman reported that the new highway code has not as yet been published and there will be a clause in it that will say “where it is possible to do so”.
Mr Mann also spoke regarding the Local Heritage List that he had seen in the Blackmore Vale Magazine. Mr Mann wished to know if the Parish Council were planning on adding nominations to the list. It will be discussed by councillors and on next month’s agenda and updates put on the website.
Mrs Spencer-White spoke regarding the double bend on the B3092 going towards Walton Elm, the road is deterring rapidly and there are pot holes and no white lines or speed roundels. The Chairman has raised with Highways and he will be chasing this up again. The flooding has already been reported and Dorset Council have said that they will be fixing this in the summer.

2 Apologies of absence.
Cllr Hurlow, Cllr Hamer, Cllr Holdship, Cllr Carr-Jones – Dorset Council Councillor.
3 Declaration of Interest and Dispensations
None Reported.

4 Approval of the minutes – The minutes of the meeting that was held on the 4th March 2022 were approved.

The Chairman announced the meeting was now in closed session

Matters arising from the last meeting.

● Ukraine Situation – the Chairman spoke regarding what members of the Village can do to support the families. Anyone wishing to sponsor a family have to register with the Government website and Dorset Council website.

Standing Orders – Progress is being made on updated the standing orders. The Chairman will circulate the updated copies and the new header and footer will be put on all documents.

Young Peoples Forum – Some ideas spoken about regarding a Pizza night in the Summer and trying to get more information out at the Fest.

Village Hall Mosaic – Deferred to next agenda.

Jeremy Watson Email on Planning – The Chairman read out Mr Watson’s email. The Chairman proposed that the parish council agree that they back the submission to Dorset council, seconded by Cllr Tacon and all in favour with one abstention.

Village Speed update – Cllr Cullender – The SID is going to be ordered as soon as the cheque is paid and we should receive in 7 to 10 days from them receiving payment. Cllr Cullender will then meet the Highways team and be taught how to install and move from the different locations.

● Dorset Council Blue Badge Committee – The Chairman noted that this has now been published. This is now to come off Agenda.

Training – The Chairman asked Councillors to consider completing training.

Queens Jubilee celebration’s – These are underway.

Highway Matters – Road Closures – Haines Lane is still causing a problem and it is due some remedial repairs in preparation for the major works which will happen in June.

● Horse Signs Rosie Gall – The warning signs are going to be placed around the Village.

DAPTC Meeting – Cllr Winder reported on the meeting he had attended. They was a lot of discussion around planning at the meeting. Speeding was also discussed, there is a Village who has managed to get a 20mph throughout the Village.
Churches were also discussed and the fact that they are not widely used and as such they are struggling financially.

Light Pollution at AJN Steel in Henstridge – The Chairman will follow up.

Annual Parish Meeting 17th May – 7pm in the Village Hall.

To consider planning received, up to the time this agenda was posted.

P/RES/2022/01585: Land adjacent to Hazelwood, Kentisworth Road – Develop the land by the erection of 4 no. detached dwellings with associated footpath, access, car parking and landscaping. (Outline application to determine access). (Reserved matters application to determine appearance, landscaping, layout & scale following the grant of Outline planning permission number P/OUT/2021/01737)
Resolved: Objection.
Overlooking from Plot 1 on neighbouring property.
The Parish Council request that the permitted development rights are restricted from the application.
P/OUT/2021/05708: Land South of Three Acres, Musbury Lane – Erection of up to 7 dwellings with associated access, parking and landscaping (outline application to determine access only)
Resolved: Objection respond to Dorset Planning that our original comments still apply.
“Marnhull Parish Council consider our original comments to this application still apply. Furthermore, we are concerned that the owners of neighbouring property – Three Acres – were not notified that the plans submitted in this application included some of their land. We expect the Planning Authority to provide a response regarding the legality of the application in light of this situation.”
P/RES/2021/05447: Land Adjacent Joyces, New Street – Erection of 7 No. dwellings (reserved matters application to determine appearance, landscaping, layout and scale following the grant of Outline planning permission number 2/2018/1391/OUT)
Resolved: Objection – respond to Dorset Planning that our original comments still apply.
This again is an amended application, showing details of the garages to be built. Also, again, there are no significant changes relevant to the objections raised by council when it considered the original application. Our objections still remain valid.
P/LBC/2022/01248: Cross Tree Cottage, Burton Street – Regularise variances in the existing internal layout to the original 1978 approved plans, reference 2/1978/0178 and proposal for replacement windows with a design as per the approved plans
Resolved: No Objection.
This is a listed building application to approve the existing internal layout as this conflicts with the permissions granted in 1978 when the barn was converted into a dwelling. It also is seeking to replace the existing windows with ones that conform to those approved in 1978.

Cllr Cullender noted the Statement of Appeal notes he had already circulated to Councillors.
In response to the proposed development Land north of Crown Road.

To receive Dorset Council’s report.

Cllr Carr-Jones report has already been circulated to Councillors.
Chairman’s urgent business-report –
First Aid training in the Village Hall – this is something the Village Hall is managing for the user groups of Halls.
Footpath 111 – There is no further update from the planning inspector regarding this footpath.
Footpath 47/39 – Mr Ham has found this footpath padlocked; the clerk will email Mr Ham for some clarification of which footpath this is.
Footpath that runs from Ham Meadow to Burgess close and a resident’s fence backs onto the footpath, the fence is now being damaged due to the Ivy coming from the footpath. The Chairman has spoken to the concerned resident.
5 Accounts –

The Payment Schedule for April 2022 for the sum of £5,797.55 had been circulated, this was agreed and signed by the Chairman.

To receive Councillors Reports.

6. To receive the following officer’s report.
Communications Strategy Proposal – Cllr Turner will update at the next meeting.
Queens Jubilee Plant a Tree Woodland Trust Update – Cllr Turner explained that the tree has now been planted. It was felt it would be good to have an official unveiling on the Jubilee weekend, Cllr Winder will speak to Mr Kendall who has lived in the Village all his life to see if he would like to undertake this,

Paving Slabs – Cllr Hurlow and Cllr Winder are gaining some more quotes this will be transferred to the next meeting.

Rights of Way improvement Plan 2022-2032 –, Cllr Turner reported that the plan is now out for public consultation, to be discussed further at the next meeting.

Recreation Play Ground repairs – Cllr Hurlow has previously circulated comments to the councillors via email.

To consider any other matters arising from recent correspondence
The teenage shelter has moved from its base, the clerk to speak to Mr Mogeridge to see if he is willing to use his tractor to move it back into place.
It also has some tiles missing Cllr Hurlow is dealing with this.
Green Teams Email re event in Sept item for next meeting
The hire of the recreation ground was discussed the clerk will source the hire agreement and forward to Cllr Winder for his information.

Correspondence and items for the next meeting

7 Date / Times of next meeting
Tuesday 3rd May 2022 7pm in the Village Hall.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.00 pm