Minutes for 3rd May 2022

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on
Tuesday 3rd May 2022.

Present: Cllr Vaughan – Chairman, Cllr Tacon – Vice Chairman, Cllr Turner, Cllr Cullender, Cllr Ruth, Cllr Winder, Cllr Hurlow and Cllr Holdship.
Attendance: Mrs Sally Upshall – Clerk.
Cllr Carr-Jones – Dorset Council Councillor.
There were 12 members of the public present

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming those present and announcing the Domestic Notice. The Chairman asked if anyone present wished to record the meeting, there was no requests. The Chairman reported that he will be recording the meeting only for clarification for the minutes, this recording will be deleted after the minutes have been produced.

Annual General Meeting.
Election of Chairman – Proposed by Cllr Tacon that Cllr Vaughan continues as Chair, all were in favour. Cllr Vaughan accepted this nomination and will continue as Chair.

Election of Vice Chairman – Proposed by Cllr Cullender that Cllr Tacon continues as Vice Chairman, all were in favour. Cllr Tacon accepted this nomination and will continue as Vice Chair.
1 Public Consultation
The light pollution was raised regarding AJN Steel, the Chairman reported that he had approached the company without much success, he has got in touch with the environmental team at Dorset Council. The chairman will contact the Dorset Council environmental team and let them know the Villager who has complained as they required this information to progress any action. Also the lights at the Pharmacy were again questioned, the owner explained he had just changed the bulbs at the Pharmacy. He is very happy to speak to any concerned Villager. A new app was also raised that people can log vehicles and their speed and the Parish Council will advertise this on the Facebook site and the Marnhull Messenger. Some Councillors raised concerns regarding GPDR with using such an app.
The road surface was brought up in Haines Lane. Concerns were raised regarding the water on the lane and the intended date of re surfacing in June. This will be added as an agenda item for June and invite the Highways team from Dorset Council to attend.
Sackmore lane parking was raised and the vehicles that are parked on the side of the road. The Chairman will speak to the Sergeant at Sturminster Newton Police Station.
The issue of the drains in the Village was raised, Cllr Winder noted that this was an ongoing issue in the Village. He reported that these are not cleared on a regular basis anymore due to time constraints but will come and clear them when they are reported.
The problem of drains being blocked with mud and debris was raised and what was highways doing about this ongoing problem? The Flood Warden explained the system of informing Dorset Council via their website.

2 Apologies of absence.
Cllr Hamer, Cllr Terry.
3 Declaration of Interest and Dispensations
Cllr Turner reference his expenses on the Payment Schedule.

4 Approval of the minutes – The minutes of the meeting that was held on the 5th April 2022 were approved.

The Chairman announced the meeting was now in closed session

Matters arising from the last meeting.

● Donation to Men’s Shed – Cllr Ruth expressed she felt that a donation should be made to the Men’s Shed for their work regarding the phone box on Burton Street. Cllr Ruth proposed that the Parish Council make a donation to the Men’s Shed of £150, this was seconded Cllr Cullender. This was carried on the deciding vote of the Chairman.

Local Heritage List – Dorset Council is asking for residents to nominate assets for the Heritage List, you can upload the details on the website. This can be added for information onto the Parish Council website.

Footpath 47/39 Mr Ham Update – Next Agenda.

B3092 Update – Highways have reported that the road will be resurface and the 30mph will be added back to the road and the white lines reinstated.

Standing Orders – The Chairman has the updated the Standing orders with the header and they are now in an updated format. The updated ones will be added to the website, the Chairman will send to Cllr Holdship for adding to the website.

Village Hall Mosaic – To go on the next agenda.

● Jeremy Watson email on planning– The clerk will send a letter to Dorset Council in support of the reduced speed limit in the Village.

Village speed update – Cllr Cullender reported that another cheque needs to be issued due to the company not receiving the last cheque.

Training – the Chairman encouraged Councillors to undergo some training.

St Gregorys Church yard wilding project – The Chairman has asked the Villager concerned to send us information re the areas that are left for the wilding project. Mr Eveleigh who knows the gentleman concerned will ask him to contact the clerk with the necessary information.

To consider planning received, up to the time this agenda was posted.
P/HOU/2022/02453: Kentsford Cottage, New Street – Erect rear infill extension to garage. Erect rear sunroom extension, (demolish existing conservatory)
Resolved: No Objection.
Planning Ref:2/2018/1808 Out 106 agreement – The Chairman spoke regarding the reserved matters application. The Chairman suggested a Zoom meeting with several councillors to begin with to open up discussions on the application, the clerk will go back to the developers and suggest this. The Chairman went onto explain the benefits of a 106 agreement.

To receive Dorset Council’s report.

Cllr Carr-Jones reported that he had sent out a report for May. Some residents have asked why Cllr Carr-Jones was not at the meeting regarding Butts Close. Cllr Carr-Jones noted that he was ill and so unable to attend this meeting. Cllr Carr-Jones noted he touched base with the Chairman on a regular basis.
Chairman’s urgent business-report –
Mrs Hershaw had raised with the Chairman her concerns for the flooding in her property. Cllr Winder reported the work he has completed regarding this and all that can be done to help Mrs Hershaw’s property has been completed.
Youth voice – The Chairman noted he had brought up this last meeting. He will continue with this and thinking of ideas. The clerk suggested that something get put on the Marnhull Facebook site for young people’s comments rather than the expectation of them attending a meeting.
5 Accounts –

The Payment Schedule for May 2022 for the sum of £1446.68 had been circulated, this was agreed and signed by the Chairman.

To receive Councillors Reports.

6. To receive the following officer’s report.
Communications Strategy Proposal – this is now completed; regular updates are now being given via the website and facebook.
Queens Jubilee Plant a Tree Woodland Trust Update – this has been registered under the Queens Canopy. The plaque has been quoted for £70 Cllr Turner proposed we accept this quote, Cllr Winder seconded and all were in favour. Cllr Winder has asked Mr Kendall regarding the unveiling of the plaque, which he has happily agreed to. The clerk will contact the fest and ask regarding times on the Saturday for the unveiling, once this has been agreed the Chairman will write to Mr Kendall.
Paving Slabs – Cllr Hurlow and Cllr Winder are gaining some more quotes this will be transferred to the next meeting. Cllr Hurlow is still awaiting some more quotes. Next meeting.

.Rights of Way improvement Plan 2022-2032 –, This can come off the agenda, the plan will come out in the next month and Cllr Turner will add it back onto the agenda when needed.

Bench request for Kentisworth Road verge – The clerk will contact Dorset Council regarding their permission as to whether we are able to site a bench there. Next meeting.
Recreation Play Ground repairs – Cllr Hurlow has previously circulated comments to the councillors via email. He has received a quote for £8500 to get the playground up to specification with all the repairs. Cllr Hurlow will prioritise the list and we can look at getting the most urgent items fixed.

Teenage Shelter – Cllr Hurlow reported that it has been off its base for some time. This has now been put back onto its base with some kind volunteers, the parish council thank Mr Eveleigh and Cllr Hurlow for their input and help with this. The bottom boards are rotten and need replacing, the timber cost is around £500 and then could be fixed by a working party. Cllr Hurlow proposed that we purchase this timber for approx. £500 and also cover the hire of any equipment, this was seconded by Cllr Turner all were in favour. The chairman asked for thanks to be recorded in the minutes for the efforts of Cllr Hurlow and Mr Eveleigh for their endeavours in dealing with this problem. Cllr Holdship asked about who’s authority the Council is relying upon that the shelter is now in a safe condition, following the evident structural damage that it had suffered.

Petanque Court – Cllr Hurlow reported that he had had this mentioned to him as to whether this is something that can be added into the recreation ground. This can be discussed further by email.

New Bench and cycle rack for Burton Street carpark – Mrs Butler has purchased some benches for the grass opposite the Village Shop along with the bike rack. The Parish council to write to Mrs Butler to thank her for these.

To consider any other matters arising from recent correspondence

Correspondence and items for the next meeting
Scott Cormack email Haines Lane.
Chestnut Close email.
Both the above items have already been discussed.
Cllr Mrs Hamer email re Trees in the recreation ground
The clerk raised the cemetery cutting, the clerk will contact Phil to find out when he is next in the cemetery and we can follow up with a visit.

7 Date / Times of next meeting
Monday 6th June 7pm in the Village Hall.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.05 pm