Minutes for 3rd May 2021

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on
Monday the 3rd May 2021
This was a Virtual Meeting of the Parish Councillors due to the current restrictions surrounding Covid 19.

Present: Cllr Vaughan – Chairman, Cllr Tacon – Vice Chairman, Cllr Cullender, Cllr L Ruth, Cllr Winder, Cllr Hurlow, Cllr Holdship, Cllr Hamer, Cllr Turner and Cllr Looker.
Attendance: Mrs Sally Upshall – Clerk.
There were two members of the public present

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming those present and announcing the Domestic Notice. The Chairman asked if anyone present wished to record the meeting, there was no requests. The Chairman reported that he will be recording the meeting only for clarification for the minutes, this recording will be deleted after the minutes have been produced.

Annual General Meeting
Election of Chairman – signing of Declaration of Office.

The Vice Chair took over the meeting.
Cllr Vaughan indicated that he was willing to stand again as Chairman.
Cllr Hurlow proposed that Cllr Vaughan became Chair again, seconded by Cllr Ruth all were in favour.
The Chairman made the necessary declaration and signed the declaration of office.

To receive any apologies of absence.

Election of Vice Chairman – signing of Declaration of Office.

Cllr Tacon indicated he was willing to stand again as vice Chairman.
Cllr Turner proposed that Cllr Tacon become Vice Chairman and this was seconded by Cllr Looker, all were in favour.
The Vice Chairman made the necessary declaration and signed the declaration of office.

To confirm any changes to the adopted policies and procedures for 2021.
Closure of AGM.

Public Consultation
There were none.
2. Apologies of absence.
Cllr O’Malley, Cllr Carr-Jones.
3. Declaration of Interest and Dispensations
The Chairman and Cllr Hurlow regarding their expenses.
4. Approval of the minutes – The minutes of the meeting that was held on the 5th April 2021 were approved.
5. To consider planning received, up to the time this Agenda was posted.

P/FUL/2021/00484: Change of use from agricultural outbuilding to farm office/meeting room – Church Farmhouse Crown Road

Resolved: No Objection.

P/LBC/2021/00057: Alterations including installation of new external doors, replacement windows & internal remodelling – Church Farmhouse Crown Road

Resolved: No Objection.

P/FUL/2021/00592: Erection of side extension and summer house – 7 Lovells Mead, Marnhull.

Resolved: No Objection.
Matters arising from the last meeting –
Community Governance Review – Cllr Winder explained what this entailed that had been discussed previously (minuted in April), Marnhull Parish council wish to make no changes to the Parish Boundaries.
Marnhull Hub recycling bins – Electronic discussion had previously taken place, it was proposed by Cllr Ruth and seconded by the Chairman that the sighting of the bins will be by the Village Hall, this was carried on a majority vote.
Finger Post Update – Dorset council are managing this and will get the finger post fixed. There was discussion surrounding the cost and it was felt that the Parish Council would like it restored as it was before and the Chairman will pass this comment back to Dorset Council.
Councillors Training – 4 members of the parish council will be undertaking the training on the 17th of May.
Topple Test in both Cemeteries – This has been undertaken by Cllr Hurlow, he will complete this annually in April.
Safer Streets for Marnhull – to be discussed later in the meeting.
Parish Council Plan 2021 – the Chairman has circulated previously. There were no further additions from Parish Councillors.
Playground Repairs – Cllr Hurlow previously agreed electronically, Cllr Hurlow has ordered the parts.
Mrs Cornford’s complaint regarding the pavement – The potholes have been dressed by the county council from the post office to the pub. There are still areas waiting to be completed, the chairman will ask them to return to complete some further work to address the problem.
Working party for meetings at the Village Hall – Deferred until later in the meeting.
Letter Leandah Collis – Deferred until July’s meeting.

6. Cllr Carr-Jones – Dorset Councillor – No Report. The Chairman noted that he has been sending through various documents regarding highways and road resurfacing.
7. Chairman’s urgent business-report – The Chairman noted the newsletter in the Marnhull Messenger, he expressed that that was the sort of thing he was thinking of doing on a more regular basis.
8. Accounts –
The Payment Schedule for May 2021 for the sum of £1102.47 had been circulated, this was agreed and signed by the Chairman.
Bank Account Signatory – The clerk has sent the information to the bank and is awaiting confirmation from the bank.
Allotment invoices – We are only two payments short which the clerk has chased up.
The clerk discussed the telephone conversation with Mr Woodward regarding some money towards his mower that he uses for the mowing of the allotment area. The councillors do not feel that this is something to contribute to as it is the allotment holder’s responsibility to maintain the area.
Discussion followed regarding Mr Eveleigh’s email about some further water supply. The clerk will contact Mr Eveleigh with the suggestion that the allotment holders get together to form an association to manage the allotments and this sort of work.
Cllr Winder suggested that an article goes in the Marnhull Messenger to make clear that the allotments do not make any money for the Parish council and are run by them to provide an asset for the Village.
To receive Councillors Reports.
Village Safety: Speeding. Signage – Cllr Cullender reported that the proposed locations for the speed safety radar devices has been circulated. Cllr Cullender has agreed four out of the five locations and he will chase the up the fifth tomorrow. The survey will take place for a week, and then we will have the data provided for the parish council. The clerk will contact Mr Reader who has kindly agreed to donate to the radars. Apart from the New Street location all locations were approved, the New Street one will be moved up further towards the Spar Shop, this was proposed by Cllr Cullender and seconded by Cllr Looker all were in favour.
Rosie Gall Horse Application for a grant re Bridleway Group – had previously emailed the clerk and Chairman due to waiting on some further information from the Dorset association of Bridleways.
Contract update, Fest, Football club, cricket club (on hold until July) – Cllr Looker – this will be dealt with in July.

Correspondence and items for the next meeting
To decide a way forward for June meeting, information previously circulated by the clerk.
The clerk had previously circulated some wording for an amendment for the standing orders due to not being able to hold virtual meetings after the 7th of May.
This wording was agreed with the addition of sufficient funds for monetary expenditure, this was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Cllr Tacon, all were in favour.
The clerk will add the additional wording to the standing orders.

Cllr Winder reported that he had received communication regarding Spring Cottage flooding again in the recent rainfall. This has happened after the drains have been cleared, Cllr Winder is going to contact highways to discuss further.
Cllr Winder noted that he had replaced the dog signs at the Recreation Ground that had been removed.

9. Date / Times of next meeting
Monday 5th of July 2021 in the Village Hall.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.40 pm