Minutes Extraordinary Public Consultation Meeting 18th January 2019

Minutes of the Extraordinary Public Consultation Meeting on Friday 18th January 2019 at the Village Hall, Marnhull.

Present: Cllr Vaughan – Chairman, Cllr Hamer, Cllr Kerr, Cllr Cullender, Cllr Wiles, Cllr Ruth, Cllr L Ruth, Cllr Tacon.

Attendance: Mrs Nicola Phillips – Clerk, (standing in for Mrs Sally Upshall) Dorset County Cllr G Carr-Jones and NDDC Cllr J Westbrook. 82 members of the public.

Agenda item: Public consultation meeting regarding planning application 2/2019/1808/Out, Land North of Burton Street, Marnhull. Dorset. For 61no dwellings, form vehicular and pedestrian access, public open space and attenuation basins.

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming the public and gave details of the proposed application.

After listening to members of the public and Cllr G Carr-Jones, the flowing notes were collated.

Access- The following comments were made:

  • The proposed access is not suitable for this development, it is on a sharp bend on a narrow road which could increase an already hazardous junction and with contractors’ lorries and vans using the road to access the site, this would increase safety issues that already exists on this road for horse riders and pedestrians.
  • The removal of the verge would remove the existing line of site, which could again increase hazardous at this junction.
  • On the proposed application, it indicates that some of the verges are owned by third parties, have these residents been informed?
  • There are no pavements for pedestrian to use, which will encourage more people to use their vehicles rather than walk to local amenities.
  • To ensure that Love Lane is protected from the development so that no traffic from the development can access it.
  • If the development were to be approved the meeting felt that a 20mph limit would need to be set on Burton Street.

Affordable Homes – The following comment was made:

  • To ensure that the proposed affordable housing on the development is offered to those from the village that are on the housing list, before anyone from other villages.
  • It was noted that the general public that need affordable houses may prefer to go to local towns, due to being able to access better services, like doctors, larger shops, bus services, schools. Marnhull’ s services are already overstretched and most of the residents are forced to use a vehicle to access services from local towns.

Communication – The following comments was made:

  • The members of the public were very disappointed that there was only one notice on a gate from NDDC for the public and that the local residence had not been informed.

Location – The following comments were made:

  • Would like assurance that the development will not overlook or interfere with the cemetery.
  • The development would remove the rural view that is seen from the Village Hall and surrounding properties.
  • A report from Rural England needs to be considered.

Water/sewage – The following comment was made:

  • To ensure that the water/sewage system is adequate to provide services to this development, as it is felt that the old system in place, would not be sufficient.

Concluding-The majority of the members of the public would oppose this application on the following grounds:

  • Access is not suitable of the development and will increase the already hazardous junction.
  • The existing water/sewage system is not sufficient to service this development.
  • The size of the development takes away the feel of a village and would be more suitable in a town development.
  • This application is not in accordance with the spatial strategy for North Dorset as set out in the Local Plan. Policy 2 of the North Dorset Local Plan 2016, Core Spatial Strategy, states that outside the four main towns, where access and proximity to services is more limited development will be more strictly controlled with an emphasis on meeting local and essential rural needs.
  • The Local Plan clearly states that all development proposals should be in accordance with the spatial strategy for North Dorset.
  • A member of the public recommend that the Parish Council consider engaging the Planning Consultant to assist the Parish Council with this application. The Parish Council will consider this at their next Parish Council meeting.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 20.30