Minutes 9th February 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 9th February at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

Cllr Vaughan (Chairman)
Cllr Wiles
Cllr Chapman
Cllr Mrs Ruth
Cllr Ruth
Cllr Kerr
Cllr Wright

Mrs Sally Upshall – Clerk.

Cllr Dowden – NDDC Councillor.
Mr Vaughan Ham – Footpaths Officer.

There were fourteen members of the public present.

1. Welcome & Domestic Notices

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming those present and announcing the Domestic Notices.

2. 2017/001 Declarations of Interest Regarding
a. Agenda Items

Chairman and Cllr Kerr declared an interest regarding item 8 for expenses claim.

Grant of dispensations regarding Disclosable Pecuniary Interests when setting the Annual Precept

No changes reported

Planning Meeting.

2/2017/0093/House Hillcrest, Ham Lane, Marnhull – Extend and amend existing single storey conservatory.

Resolved: No Objections.
2/2016/1894/House The Hollies, Burton Street – Erect single storey extension (demolish existing shed).

Resolved: No Objection.
Comments: The tree issues need to be resolved.
There were concerns over the render used on the outside of the extension not being in keeping with the surrounding properties and the property being in a conservation area.

2/2016/1825/Full Guy’s Garage – Erect 3 no dwellings 1 no garage and create 6 parking spaces.

Resolved: Objection.
Loss of Light to the neighbouring properties.
Dramatically changing the street view of that area.
The materials used not being in keeping with the surrounding area.

The Parish Council request that this application is heard by the Development Control Committee.

3. 2017/002 Public Consultation
There was nothing further to be discussed here that was not to be covered on the agenda.

4. 2017/003 Apologies for Absence.
Cllr Hamer and Cllr Cullender.

5. 2017/004 Chairman’s Urgent Business
The Chairman explained that he had looked into the siting of another defibrillator by the Post Office. This is to be on the agenda for the March meeting.
The Chairman said that the to do list he had circulated will be worked through.
He also asked Councillors whether they thought the Parish Council should be submitting a paper regarding the NHS Services in Dorset? The other Councillors did not feel this was something that was in the remit of the Parish Council and so opposed such a paper being submitted.

6. 2017/005 Minutes
The minutes of the Council Meeting held on the 5th of December 2016, were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

7. 2017/006 Matters arising from the previous minutes (not on agenda)
St Gregory’s Church Yard – Mrs Butler gave an update on the situation so far. She also explained that the grass cutting cost them £2200 pa. She also explained that there is a small working group of volunteers who would also be happy to continue helping where necessary.
The Chairman explained that there were also some war graves there and so we may be able to enlist some help from the Royal British Legion. There was some discussion about the closure of the Grave Yard and the relevant paperwork and so after this it was proposed by Cllr M Ruth that we take over the Grave Yard subject to receiving the necessary order of closure, this was seconded by Cllr Kerr and was carried on a 6-1 majority.
Mr Stephen Sides said he would be able to let us have a copy of the engineers report concerning the wall survey.

Cricket club – Further discussion on this is being deferred to the March meeting.
Grit Bins- The Chairman will ask Cllr Cullender to do a check of the bins.
The Chairman reported that he had been in touch with the road sweepers and they are going to come out and clear Hains Lane and Nash Lane. The Highways Department have also indicated that there is a chance that Hains Lane may be put on the schedule for resurfacing.
Emergency Village Plan – The Chairman said he had had discussions with NDDC and they have assured him this is all taken care of by them.
Marnhull books – The clerk has heard nothing further from Mr Bailey.
Cemetery Charges – This is now standing order No 5.
The clerk circulated the final Draft Communication policy by email.
Cllr Wright asked the Chairman what the progress was with regard to holding an extradionary meeting to discuss the Village Hall and the registering of the deeds, the Chairman explained that this was deferred to the March meeting.
Cllr Wright also asked if any Councillors had any information regarding her previous email regarding Little Hains. The Chairman said he would investigate further and get back to Cllr Wright.

8. 2017/007 Financial Matters

a. Payment Schedule. The Payment Schedule of £4276.98 was agreed by the Council.
b. Cllr M Ruth gave an overview of the information the clerk had circulated and it was decided that due to some unforeseen expenses coming up that it would be helpful to have another financial forecast nearer the end of the financial year.

9. 2017/008 Planning Matters
There was nothing further on planning to be discussed.

10. 2017/009 Councillors’ Reports

a. DCC – No Report.
b. NDDC – Cllr Dowden explained the importance of claiming the section 106 payments at the time of the planning applications to make sure the money comes to Marnhull. He also suggested that a brief planning seminar would be beneficial and he said that it would be joined with other surrounding Parish councils and could take place in April/May time. The clerk will check some hall availability and send some proposed dates to Cllr Dowden. All Councillors were in favour of this.
The Chairman went on to explain that he thought a gathering of all Parish Councils in the area would be a good thing and this will be discussed at the March meeting.

c. Parish:

Play Area– Cllr Kerr explained how things were making progress with the plans for the updates. He explained the new costs and what they had done to bring the costs down, and also the grants that have been applied for and the letters that the clerk has sent out. He had one quote from PlayDale of £16000 plus Vat and was still awaiting the other two revised quotes but PlayDale were going to be the most cost effective and as it is a company that has been used before and has a good reputation for a good standard of work it is likely that this will be the best one.
A vote of thanks was passed to Cllr Kerr and Cllr Hamer for all their hard work with this project.
It was discussed that there would not be a need to apply for a loan as previously circulated by the clerk but to raise any extra funds needed from the Parish Council funds once we have more of an idea of how much we will have from the fund raising efforts and that Cllr Kerr would circulate the quotes from the companies when they were complete.

Dog Fouling – Cllr Kerr explained that we were just waiting for the posters to come and then this can be put up in all areas of the Village where there is a need. He will put another note in the Messenger regarding the Recreation Ground and keeping dogs on leads and cleaning up after them.

Flooding – Cllr Kerr had had discussion with the NDDC technical officer and there is only a very small amount of houses in Marnhull that may be at risk from flooding and NDDC would be happy to supply sandbags when necessary.

Phone Masts – The Chairman reported that he had sent an email to the Phone Mast company asking them what progress there has been and whether they still see Marnhull Cemetery as a possibly site.

Footpaths – Mr Ham gave an update on the footpaths, information previously circulated to the Chairman and the clerk. Mr Ham asked if the council wanted him to add another footpath onto the SLA that was becoming overgrown and the council were in agreement that he do this.

11.2017/010 Clerk’s Report
The clerk had nothing further to report.

12. Correspondence.

Nothing Further

13. 2017/011 Date of next meeting/s
Council Meeting Monday 6th March 2017.

The meeting concluded at 9.05 pm.