Minutes 7th May 2018

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 7th May 2018 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall.

Cllr Vaughan (Chairman)
Cllr Chapman
Cllr Mr Ruth
Cllr Mrs Ruth
Cllr Cullender
Cllr Kerr
Cllr Hamer
Cllr Wiles

Sally Upshall – Clerk
There were 73 members of the public present.

Election of Chair and Vice Chair.
It was proposed by Cllr Chapman that Cllr Vaughan continue as Chair for another year, this was seconded by Cllr Cullender and all were in favour.

It was proposed by Cllr Hamer that Cllr Chapman continue as Vice Chair for another year, this was seconded by Cllr M Ruth and was carried on a vote of 8 for and 1 against.

1. Welcome & Domestic Notices

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming those present and announcing the Domestic Notices.

Planning Meeting

Planning Meeting
2/2018/0441/AGDWPA Agricultural building to Hain’s Lane – Change of use to conversion of agricultural building into 1 dwelling.

Resolved: Objection.
The application is invalid.

2/2018/0393/FUL Harts House, Sackmore Lane, Marnhull – Change of use of agricultural land
Erect 1 No. agricultural building, machine/feed store and hay store/goat shelter (part retrospective).

Resolved: No Objection.

2/2018/0337 Marnhull Stores, New Street, Marnhull – Erect a two-storey rear extension.

Resolved: No Objection.

2. 2018/033 Declarations of Interest Regarding
a) Agenda Items
The Chairman regarding expenses on the Payment Schedule.

b) Grant of dispensations regarding Disclosable Pecuniary Interests when setting the Annual Precept

3. 2018/034 Public Consultation
At this point the Chairman invited members of the public to speak regarding the two large applications that have been submitted to NDDC. These are Land at Salisbury Street and Land North of Chippel Lane.
The meeting was advised that any objections must be made via the dorsetforyou website.
The Vice Chair explained to the meeting an outline of both applications and that the Parish Council needs to hear what you say but is confined to planning law when making a return to NDDC.
Villagers were concerned on many areas this included, the increase in traffic, the impact on the infrastructure of the Village, the impact on the local schools, doctor’s surgery, the flooding risk at Chippel Lane and the loss of privacy for the surrounding properties regarding both applications.
The Chairman explained to those present that the Parish council had hired a planning consultant who hopefully be present at the public meeting on Friday along with a representative from Savills regarding the applications.
The Council will then make their formal recommendations at the meeting on the 4th of June after consultation with the planning consultant.

Council Session

4. 2018/035 Apologies for Absence.
Cllr Wright.
Cllr Jane Westbrook – NDDC Councillor.
Cllr Graham Carr-Jones – DCC.

5. 2018/036 Chairman’s Urgent Business
The bench on Sackmore Lane was discussed and this is on the list of the Men’s Shed for repair.
Planning Training – the chairman has contacted Tony Gibb about arranging some training for the Councillors.
Recreation Ground/Grass Cutting – Cllr Hamer had previously circulated the information regarding the grass cutting. The church yard has now been cut a few times and Chris Woods will invoice the clerk for this.
Health and Safety – Cllr Kerr has booked the inspection.
The pot hole on the Recreation Ground is now fixed and the clerk will pass on thanks to Kingsmere Surfacing.
Street control – the highways have identified four sites around Marnhull for consultation.

6. 2018/037 Minutes
The minutes for the 3rd of April 2018 were agreed and signed.

7. 2018/038 Matters arising from the previous minutes (not on agenda)
The sign at Corner close had now been removed, and the neighbours have received information that a new developer is due to take over the building work in two weeks.
The broken bench along Sackmore Lane was discussed and it was decided that the Council would ask the men’s shed if they would be prepared to undertake the repairs as they are happy to take on volunteering work. Cllr Cullender as a member of the men’s shed will take this request back to them.
The bin on Sackmore Lane was discussed and Cllr Mike Ruth will look and report back to the Council.
Parish Assembly – This was reasonably well attending, and all went well.
Finger post signs – the clerk has had a response from Highways who say that they are not responsible for the cost of repairing these.
The phone boxes have all been adopted and the clerk will pass the booklet to Cllr Mrs Ruth.
Street Flower Planting by Garden Club deferred to next meeting
Street Cleaning equipment Mr Seers deferred to next meeting

8. 2018/039 Financial Matters

a) Payment Schedule.
Payment Schedule for March for £2423.25 was signed by the Chairman.

9. 2018/040 Planning Matters
It was discussed about the planning consultant attending the meeting on Friday the 11th and it was very much felt that this would be essential especially as this is what had already been explained to the Village. The clerk will contact the planning consultant and see if she is able to attend on Friday evening and then report back. The clerk will also contact Cllr Carr-Jones to see if he is available.

10. 2018/041 Councillors’ Reports

Parish Councillors reports
Rec/Cemetery – Cllr Kerr explained that Ian had sent an invoice to the clerk to be paid for the dog waste bin.
He had also changed the locks in the Recreation Ground and Cemetery.
The seat around the tree in the play area is broken and so he will ask the men’s shed if they can put this on their list.
The issue of some young people cycling in the play area and tennis court was discussed and it was felt that if they were seen again a quiet word with them would be sufficient.

11. 2018/042 Clerk’s Report/s – The clerk had nothing further to report.

12. Correspondence –
The Chairman introduced Mr Robert Tacon who had come to the meeting to observe with the thought of being co-opted on at the next meeting.
The clerk will send him the relevant forms he needs for completing.

13. 2018/043 Date and time of next meeting

Council Meeting Monday 4th June 2018 in the Village Hall at 7pm

The meeting concluded at 8.50 pm.