Minutes 7th March 2016

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 7th March at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

Chairman Cllr Vaughan
Cllr Cullender
Cllr Hamer
Cllr Wright
Cllr Wiles
Cllr Mrs P Jolly
Cllr T Jolly
Cllr L Ruth
Cllr M Ruth

The Clerk – Mrs S Upshall
Cllr Westbrook – NDDC Councillor.

There were 20 members of the public present.

1. The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed those present.

2. Co-Option of a New Councillors.
Mr Michael Ruth and Mrs Lesley Ruth attended to the meeting to be considered for co-option onto the Council. The Chairman asked Mr and Mrs Ruth the necessary questions and asked them both to give a brief outline of their experience and what they feel they can bring to the Council.
It was proposed by Cllr Hamer that Mr and Mrs Ruth be co-opted onto the Council, this was seconded by Cllr Wright and all were in favour.

3. Mr Roger Bell – DCC Roads.
The Chairman welcomed Mr Bell to the meeting and thanked him for attending.
Mr Bell explained what his position was within the Council, he job title is Highway Communications Officer. Within this role he deals enforcement, traffic management, community issues and inspections. He explained that the best way to contact him is through the Dorset for You website.
Members of the public then raised the problems that there are with Hains Lane and the big vehicles coming along the lane to the chicken farm. These vehicles are way too big for the lane and when coming around the corner onto Hains Lane they are driving over the bank and this is meaning the bank is getting more and more eroded over time and is close to damaging the fence that boarder’s residents land.
This has been a problem that has been continuing for a long time since the erection of the Chicken farm. And despite letters sent to Mr Crocker explaining the problem things haven’t improved.
Mr Bell said that he would contact Mr Crocker and explain the problems to him and request that he use smaller vehicles and also replace the bank.
The Parish Council will also write to Mr Crocker to back this up. Action Item.

There was also some discussion regarding the speeding traffic along Chippel Lane and the PCSO explained that she had been there and done a speed watch on Saturday morning and hadn’t clocked anyone going faster than 29mph. She will go again when she gets chance on a week day during the 8am –9am slot. She also explained about the scheme for volunteers to be trained to become speed watch volunteers. This requires three people at one time and the cost of training six people and providing the relevant equipment is £300. Cllr Cullender and a member of the public volunteered and a note will be put in the Marnhull Messenger to request any further volunteers for this scheme. Action Item.

4. Planning Meeting
2/2016/0060/House Chantry Farm, Phillips Hill, Marnhull – Erect two storey extension and extend roof of existing single storey.

Resolved: No Objection.

2/2016/0061/LBC Chantry Farm, Phillips Hills, Marnhull – Erect two storey extension and extend roof of existing single storey. Demolish porch and carry out internal and external alterations.
Resolved: No Objection.

5. Public Consultation.
At this point there was some discussion regarding the phone masts being erected in the Recreation Ground.
It was felt by members of the public that before anything further can move on with this then a meeting needs to be held with the company and a small working party to discuss the feasibility of the proposal and complete the necessary surveys to see if this is even a feasible site. The Chairman will implement a working party and arrange a meeting with the company.

5. 2016/011 Apologies for Absence
Cllr Lawson – Cllr Lawson has now handed in his resignation and the Chairman wanted to record a vote of thanks to him for all his work over the years on the Parish Council, he will be greatly missed.

Cllr T Jolly and Mrs P Jolly have also announced their resignation at the end of the meeting due to their house move, the Chairman also passed a vote of thanks to them for all their hard work and wished them well in their new home.

6. 2016/012 Declaration of Interest. [Regarding Agenda Items.] There were none.

No changes reported.

7. 2016/013 Minutes
The minutes of the Council Meeting held on the 1st of February 2016 were agreed and
signed by the Chairman.

8. Matters arising from the previous minutes.
Letter from the Chairman to NDDC Planning Department – No reply received yet, carried forward.
The Balance Pond – The Chairman explained that he had received further information that the balance pond is actually Mr Crockers responsibility and he will write to him to this affect.
Cllr Westbrook has now made contact with Mrs Eveleigh the Chairman of the Neighbourhood Planning Committee.
Chippel Lane Hedge – This item is ongoing again due to a boundary dispute between Spectrum Housing and DCC. Cllr Cullender will keep the Council informed of any further information.
Cllr Westbrook explained that she had had a meeting with the BMV Partnership and all seemed to be going well. Since that there had been an article in the BMV Magazine which contradicts this, she has emailed the practice manager and has yet to receive a reply but will keep the Council informed.
Bus Transport – nothing further has been heard.

9. 2016/014 Financial Matters

A. Payment Schedule-the total cost to the Parish Council for March was £1976.07. This was agreed by the Council.

B. Financial Statements for the 1st February 2016 were agreed.

10. 2016/015 Planning Matters
There were no further planning matters.

11. (a) DCC – No Report.

12. (b) NDDC – Cllr Westbrook reported that the budget was being set at NDDC and as it had been cut savings need to be made.
She explained that the travellers will be moving from Five Bridges to a possible site that has been identified. She also said that the stones have now been spread in the layby.

Neighbourhood Planning Group
Mr Eveleigh have a report from Mrs Eveleigh Chairman of the Neighbourhood Planning Committee.

Last year’s village survey decided what type of development the village wanted. Now the NDDC Local Plan Part 1 has been adopted, the committee have an idea of the number of houses that the District require to be built in Marnhull. This is between 70 – 80 dwellings in the period 2011 to 2031. As a significant number of dwellings have already been built, or have gained planning approval by NDDC, the residual figure now stands at about 35 dwellings.
SHLAAs (which are pockets of land offered up by land owners for development) that are known to the MNPG would give many times more dwellings than are needed. So it needs to be decided where dwellings are to be built. To be independent, they have developed criteria to decide which sites should be built on and therefore need another survey of the village to prioritise these criteria.
This survey will go out in the June 2016 Marnhull Messenger and to encourage participation in the survey, they are copying Shaftesbury’s idea of running a draw on all returns submitted, with prizes on offer.
The Neighbourhood Planning Committee requested that the Parish Council cover the costs of the printing of the survey which would be £50 and the prize money for the vouchers at £150. It was proposed by Cllr Cullender that the Parish Council accept this and this was seconded by Cllr Mrs Jolly and all were in favour.


Roads – Cllr Cullender had nothing further to report.

Gillingham Southern Extension Working Group- The Chairman reported that a combined letter will be sent highlighting the possible problems effecting response timed to the three emergency services

Risk Assessment – The clerk will formulate an updated Risk Assessment. Action Item.

Annual Parish Assembly – The clerk will check the hall availability to get a date for the Annual Parish Assembly. The Chairman will then forward letters to the relevant organisations. Action Chairman

Footpaths – There had been a report of the footpath in Ham Meadows having garden waste thrown onto it and some tyre tracks from a motor vehicle. The clerk will report this to Graham Stanley. Action Clerk.

First Aid in Schools – The Chairman reported that it was booked for St Mary’s School but has as yet to be booked for St Gregory’s. Action Chairman

Queen’s 90th Birthday – Councillors were asked to have a think if there is anything that they would like to be arranged within the Village for this. Action All

Co-Option of Flood Warden – The Chairman welcomed Mr Sandy Kerr to the meeting and he gave some background on his flood experience to date. It was proposed by Cllr Hamer and seconded by Cllr Cullender that Mr Kerr will take on the position of Flood Warden, all were in favour.

13. 2016/016 Actioned Items –
The action items were discussed.

14. 2016/017Clerk’s Report

15. 2016/018 Correspondence

16. 2016/019 Chairman’s Urgent Business.

17. 2016/020 Date of next meeting/s
Council Meeting Monday 4th April at 7pm in the Village Hall.
Annual Parish Assembly Tuesday 19th April at 7pm in the Village Hall.

The meeting concluded at 9.20 pm.