Minutes 5th December 2016

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 5th December 2016 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

Cllr Vaughan (Chairman)
Cllr Wiles
Cllr Chapman
Cllr Mrs Ruth
Cllr Ruth
Cllr Kerr
Cllr Hamer
Cllr Wright
Cllr Cullender

Mrs Sally Upshall – Clerk.

Cllr Dowden and Cllr Westbrook – NDDC Councillors.

There were two members of the public present.

1. Welcome & Domestic Notices

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming those present and announcing the Domestic Notices.

2. 2016/097 Declarations of Interest Regarding
a. Agenda Items

Cllr Hamer declared an interest regarding item 8 for expenses claim.

Grant of dispensations regarding Disclosable Pecuniary Interests when setting the Annual Precept

No changes reported

3. 2016/098 Public Consultation
There was nothing further to be discussed here that was not to be covered on the agenda.

4. 2016/099 Apologies for Absence.
There were none.

5. 2016/100 Chairman’s Urgent Business
The Chairman raised his concerns over the Village Hall and the Parish Council’s agreement and other clubs that used the ground. He proposed that a meeting between the Village Hall and the Parish Council take place, this was seconded by Cllr Hamer and all were in favour. The Chairman is going to call an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council and invite the Village Hall executive committee to clarify the relationship between them both.

The Chairman also raised his concerns over the recent flooding in Marnhull that occurred during some heavy rain. He explained that he had contacted NDDC about getting some volunteers from the village to help residents during and following heavy bouts of rain. Cllr Kerr agreed to take this forward as there was no information relating to this from the previous Flood Warden he will put together a proposal for the Council after contacting NDDC Technical Services Department regarding this matter.

as he has some information from the old flood warden and he will out together a proposal for the Council. Action Cllr Kerr

6. 2016/101 Minutes
The minutes of the Council Meeting held on the 7th of November 2016, were agreed and signed by the Chairman after some minor alteration as were the Budget Meeting minutes from the 15th of November 2016.

At this point the Church Yard at St Gregory’s was discussed. Mrs Butler attended the meeting on behalf of St Gregory’s Church to explain the situation and the options the Parish Council have. The Church is going to go through the process of closing the cemetery and they need to pass the responsibility over to either the Parish Council or North Dorset District Council.
After much discussion regarding the costs involved, maintenance and insurance Cllr Chapman proposed that the Parish Council take over the responsibility of the cemetery, this was seconded by Cllr Cullender but was not carried.
This will now be carried forward while more information is sought and will be discussed at the next meeting. Action Chairman

7. 2016/102 Matters arising from the previous minutes (not on agenda)
Cricket club, inviting Mr Norton to a meeting to discuss a contract regarding the grass cutting, this will be passed to the February meeting. Action Clerk
Contact List – this has been updated on the Marnhull Messenger website.
Printer- Ongoing. Action Clerk
Car Park Lines – these have now been repainted.
Grit Bins – These are all topped up.
Drain clearing – Ongoing.
Village Emergency Plan – Ongoing. Action Chairman
Marnhull Books – the clerk has emailed Mr Bailey. Action Clerk
Cross in Cemetery – this has now been fixed.

8. 2016/103 Financial Matters

a. Payment Schedule. The Payment Schedule of £2373.47 was agreed by the Council.
b. It was proposed by Cllr Cullender that we agree the budget for 2017/18, this was seconded by Cllr Chapman and all were in favour.

9. 2016/104 Planning Matters

2/2015/1618/House 14 Sackmore Green, Marnhull – Erect one and a half storey rear extension. (Demolish existing conservatory).
Resolved: Objection.
Reasons: The adverse effect on the neighbours and the proximity of the extension to the boundary.

2/2016/1688/LBC Cross Tree House, Burton Street, Marnhull – Carry out internal and first floor alterations and associated works.
Resolved: No Objection.

2/2016/1763/TEL Removal of BT telephone boxes consultation.

The Parish Council discussed this, and it was spoken about that the last time this came up the
Parish Council bought the Phone Box.
2/2016/1742/Tree The Grange, Burton Street, Marnhull – Carry out tree works.

The Parish Council had reservations regarding this due to there being no replanting taking place and the reasons given for the removal of the trees are to make space for the new building but we have seen no plans regarding this.

10. 2016/105 Councillors’ Reports

a. DCC – No Report.
b. NDDC – No Report.
c. Parish:

Proposed Dog Fouling Campaign – Cllr Kerr explained how this campaign was proceeding. He has ordered some more signs from Clear Signs and there has been an article in the Messenger. Cllr Kerr had also asked for some other places where the fouling was a problem. Mrs Sturgess explained that the footpath from by the Pharmacy that leads to Sackmore Lane was covered in dog fouling. Mrs Sturgess explained that there was something she had seen before where the piles of fouling were highlighted with paint to bring it to people using the footpath’s attention. She asked if it was something the Parish Council may consider doing, the clerk will contact the land owner and ask his permission. Action Clerk

Play area – Firstly the Chairman apologised for this subject not getting enough time at the last meeting and asked that if any councillors intended giving a presentation at any meeting to advise him so that enough time could be given.
Cllr Kerr and Cllr Hamer gave a brief update on the proposal and how they had been getting on with trying to get some funding. After much discussion, Cllr Chapman proposed that the Parish Council allocate £12000, this would include £3,000 already set aside for the purchase of new equipment, to the project from this year’s budget, and in addition Cllr Hamer and Cllr Kerr will continue to explore other sources of funding, this was seconded by Cllr Cullender and carried forward on an 8-1 majority. Action Cllr Kerr

Draft Communications Policy – This was agreed after a minor alteration, Cllr Cullender will send the final copy to the clerk to put on headed paper and save with the rest of the Standing Orders as order number 4. Action Cllr Cullender

Registering of the Deeds of the Cemetery and Recreation Ground – The Chairman reported that the documentation from the Village Hall that was sent to the solicitors was not sufficient. Cllr Wright said she will go back to the Village Hall Committee and see if there is anything further. The solicitor has told the Chairman that to take the Village Hall of the deeds would cost a further £2000. This subject will appear on the next agenda after some further information from the Village Hall has been gained. Action Cllr Wright

New Cemetery Charges – The new charges had previously been circulated by Cllr Mrs Ruth. If was proposed by Cllr Chapman and seconded by Cllr Mr Ruth that these are accepted, all were in favour. Action Cllr Mrs Ruth

11.2016/106 Clerk’s Report

January Recess – The clerk reported that it was usual to have a recess of the Parish council meeting in January. Councillors wanted to have a meeting in January but due to the bank holidays after New Year a new date needs to be found. Monday 9th January was out forward, the clerk will find out about the hall availability. Action Clerk

The clerk read out an email she had received about vehicles travelling too fast along Chippel Lane. The clerk will reply to the email. Action Clerk


Nothing Further

13. 2016/107 Date of next meeting/s
Council Meeting Monday 9th January 7pm in the Village Hall (provisional)
Council Meeting Monday 6th February at 7pm in the Village Hall.

The meeting concluded at 8.50 pm.