Minutes 4th February 2019

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 4th February 2019 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall.

Cllr Vaughan (Chairman)
Cllr Cullender
Cllr Wiles
Cllr M Ruth
Cllr Mrs L Ruth
Cllr R Tacon

The clerk Sally Upshall.
There were six members of the public present.
Cllr Carr-Jones – DCC Councillor.

1. Welcome & Domestic Notices

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming those present and announcing the Domestic Notices.

Co-Option of New Councillors.
The Chairman asked Mr Holdship the necessary questions to become Parish Councillor.
Mr Holdship was unanimously voted on the council.

The Chairman asked Mr Looker the necessary questions to become a Parish Councillor.
Mr Looker was unanimously voted on the Council.

Planning Meeting

2/2018/1768/FUL Change of use and conversion of agricultural barn to 1 No. dwelling (Class C3).
Os Plot 7987, Stoneylawn, Marnhull, Dorset.

Resolved: No Objection.
2/2018/1808/OUT Develop land by the erection of up to 61 No. dwellings, form vehicular and pedestrian access, public open space and attenuation basins. (Outline application to determine access).
Land North Of, Burton Street, Marnhull, Dorset,

Resolved: Objection. The Parish Council request that should be the council be minded to approve
this application it is heard by the Development Control Committee. A Full list of objections to be placed on Village notice boards

2. 2018/112 Declarations of Interest Regarding
a) Agenda Items None

b) Grant of dispensations regarding Disclosable Pecuniary Interests when setting the Annual Precept

3. 2018/113 Public Consultation
Mr Eveleigh spoke regarding a green triangle in the road in Moorside that the grass has been driven over and the grass has been damaged. Highways Dept
Mr Eveleigh also spoke regarding the hedge in Burton street that had been cut, he feels it has been cut back excessively and this has damaged some of the natural vegetation.
The chairman spoke and explained that the building inspector has been out and looked at the damaged hedge.
Mr Eveleigh also noted that the construction environment plan was not being adhered to.
Mr Eveleigh also noted that there has been flooding on the site, the enforcement officer had been out and had reported that the situation had now been resolved. Since then the Grange has been flooded from the water.
Cllr Carr-Jones asked Mr Eveleigh to send him all the information and he will take this up on his behalf.

Francessa Pratt also spoke with regard to the issues with her garden. She spoke with concerns that flooding may continue even when the pipes are linked up due to the runoff water.

Cllr Carr-Jones spoke to Mrs Pratt regarding the planning process and how the developments were coming about, and the numbers that we need to fulfil under Local Plan.

Council Session

4. 2018/114 Apologies for Absence
Cllr Mrs J Westbrook, Cllr Kerr, Cllr Mrs Hamer.

5. 2018/115 Chairman’s Urgent Business
The Chair spoke about the Vice Chairman position, Mr Robert Tacon has put his name forward the Chairman explained and so he proposed that Mr Tacon took the position, Mr Looker seconded.

6. 2018/116 Minutes
The minutes for the on the 3rd December 2018 and the planning minutes on the 18th
January 2019 were agreed and signed.

7. 2018/117 Matters arising from the previous minutes (not on agenda)
A. Burton Street Hedge – Now Cut. Closed.
B. Mirror in Pilwell – Cllr Cullender has been looking on line for costs of posts and mirrors. The post and mirror and fixings would come out at a price of £218.00 plus cement so £230 incl VAT should cover it. All councillors were in favour that Cllr Cullender go ahead and purchase the post and mirror. Cllr Cullender and Cllr Vaughan are happy to install it.
D. Telephone Box – All paperwork has now been received. Closed
G. Speed Watch – Cllr Cullender explained that the police had come out and looked at the locations and they have identified New Street, Church Hill and Sodom Lane they will map these areas out and then the next step with be for Cllr Cullender to go out to the roads to identify the correct stops to be undertaking the speed watching.
H. Closure of the Burton Street carpark – This was a great success and seemed to go very well. The Chairman thanked the organisers for all their hard work making it a success and asked if it was to be repeated later this year, Mr Pentland informed the meeting that Athul Robin Hill Stores had organised it and could a letter of thanks be sent the Chairman agreed to send one.

8. .2018/118 Financial Matters

a) Payment Schedule.
The Payment Schedule for December for £3263.48 was approved.
Cllr Ruth gave an update on the profit and loss account. He explained we are running fairly close to budget. Councillors will think about the grants needing to be paid out for the financial year and whether we can accommodate paying these out.
The Chairman explained that we will be receiving a grant from North Dorset District Council community fund for the sum of £30,000. The organisations where this money is going will be Men’s Shed £5,000, Community Hub £5,000. £20,000 to the Village Hall for capital expenditure. Which Cllr M Ruth and Cllr R Cullender will be responsible for manager it under the terms as set by NDDC.
The Parish Council wish to pass on their grateful thanks to Cllr Carr-Jones for his part in the funding for Marnhull.

10. 2018/119 Planning Matters
The Chairman and Cllr Tacon visited all the sites today with the planning consultant. They will then go and visit with NDDC Planning next week to discuss this further. The Chairman and Cllr Tacon are meeting the Case Officer on Monday morning. Cllr Carr-Jones said that he was prepared to be present at the meeting and the Chairman will let him know the time so he can be there.

A complaint has been received from a lady in Burton Street that the building under construction opposite has windows opposite her bedroom. This is a matter for Development Control of NDDC, the Chairman is aware that an Enforcement Officer has attended.

11. 2018/120 Councillors’ Reports
On behalf of Cllr Mrs Haymer the Chairman reported on the defibrillator training which took place on 9th January in the Village Hall. It was well attended and considered a good evening. The Chairman continued that he was aware of a local St John Ambulance Unit that has a number of manikins that could be made available if a further course was required.
There was also a message from two villages that they would be happy to organise fundraising for two defibrillators one for the telephone box in burton Street. Councillors felt that it should be further discussed at our March meeting.
St Greg’s Church re Oak tree and Children’s Playground outstanding works deferred to next meeting
Marnhull Cricket Club- The council are happy for them to erect a gazebo as long as there are not hazards left with any fixings. Action Clerk
Council Website – The Chairman spoke regarding a dedicated website. He asked councillors to have a look at the Blandford St Mary website. Referred to next meeting
The Chairman had received a letter from the MP Simon Hoare regarding a 12-year-old boy. This is regarding what is available in Marnhull for young people. The Chairman has been around to see the young person and asked for his feedback on what he may like to see in the Village for teenagers. Referred to next meeting.
The Parish council had received a letter regarding the recent cold weather where a car skidded and hit her fence in the Moorside/Todber bend. The letter has also been forwarded to Todber Parish council and to DCC.
The Chairman requested an updated address list be circulated by the clerk.

12. 2018/121 Clerk’s Report/s – None

13. Correspondence –

14. 2018/122 Date and time of next meeting:
Monday 4th March 2019 at 7pm in the Village Hall.

The meeting concluded at 8.38 pm