Minutes 4th December 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 4th December 2017 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall.

Cllr Vaughan (Chairman)
Cllr Chapman
Cllr Cullender
Cllr Mrs Ruth
Cllr Ruth
Cllr Kerr
Cllr Mrs Hamer
Cllr Wiles

Sally Upshall – Clerk
Cllr Westbrook – NDDC Councillor
Cllr Carr-Jone – NDDC and DCC.

There were 6 members of the public present.

1. Welcome & Domestic Notices

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming those present and announcing the Domestic Notices.

2. 2017/110 Declarations of Interest Regarding
a) Agenda Items

b) Grant of dispensations regarding Disclosable Pecuniary Interests when setting the Annual Precept

3. 2017/111 Public Consultation
Mrs Pratt from The Grange in Marnhull spoke regarding her concerns over the planning rumours that are around the Village.
The Chairman and Vice Chair explained what has happened at the previous meeting with regards to Savills presentation and what may happen now. The Chairman assured Mrs Pratt that as yet no planning application had been received and Savills had also assured the Parish Council that they would hold a public meeting before submitted an application.
The Chairman also assured Mrs Pratt that the Parish Council gave no opinion to Savills at the last meeting and the presentation was for information only.

Mr Eveleigh spoke regarding the tree at the end of the Recreation Drive and explained that he had received correspondence from Mr Bell of the ownership of the tree. The clerk explained that she had not seen this information and so had not proceeding any further with things. She will contact Mr Bell and ask for the information that had been previously sent to the Chairman.

Council Session

4. 2017/112 Apologies for Absence.
Cllr Mrs Wright.

5. 2017/113 Chairman’s Urgent Business
The Chairman explained that he will update the Council further by email regarding speeding through the Village.

6. 2017/114 Minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on the 6th of November were agreed by the Councilor’s present, as were the minutes from the Budget meeting held on the 14th of November 2017.

7. 2017/115 Matters arising from the previous minutes (not on agenda)
The clerk had emailed Vaughan Ham and Graham Stanley regarding the Ham Lane footpath and the problem with it not being cleared all the way along ongoing
The clerk to put the padlock on the gate at the Recreation Ground.

Cllr Hamer reported that Mrs Sturgess had accompanied her around the Recreation Ground and Cemetery looking at the trees and it was their opinion that all of them would need attention. Cllr Hamer is awaiting quotes but it was expected that it would be expensive and it should be an agenda item for the next meeting.

The Chairman noted that the member of the Lunch Club who is due to turn 100 is actually not a Marnhull resident so we will not be completing a certificate.
The Consultation days for the Issues and Options Document take place in Stalbridge Hub on the 12th of December 1-7pm and another on the 11th of December at The Exchange in Sturminster Newton 10am-7pm.
Cllr Carr-Jones informed us that David Walsh who was going to come and talk to the Council regarding planning is now unavailable until the New Year. Cllr Westbrook explained that there was a course in March that two Councillors could attend but all Councillors would like further information, so the clerk will contact David Walsh in the New Year when he returns to work.

8. 2017/116 Financial Matters

a) Payment Schedule.
Payment Schedule for December for £7406.93 was signed by the Chairman.

The Draft Budget for 2018-19 was agreed.

Cllr Chapman raised the issue of possibly raising the precept together with an application to increase the Precept. After discussion it was agreed to increase the precept by £3,000-00 and for an article informing the village to be placed in the next issue of the messenger.

9. 2017/117 Planning Matters
Cllr Chapman will attend the Development Control Committee meeting regarding the Sackmore Lane/Burton Street development on the 5th of December and report back to the Council.

10. 2017/118 Councillors’ Reports
DCC – Cllr Carr-Jones gave an update on the proposed formation of the new authority and explained that that he was on holiday until January.

NDDC – Cllr Westbrook informed the Council that there was going to be an imminent train strike.

Footpath 111 – Mrs Blackford explained to the Council the background surrounding this footpath and the problems that have occurred and wished it to be noted that she and her husband had been given permission to enter the footpath from her land by the previous owner. After discussion, it was felt by the Parish council that now it has gone to the Secretary of State this is not something at this stage that they can intervene with but thanked Mrs Blackford for the information.
Youth Football Club and the Recreation Ground – the Parish Council had received an email from the Shaftesbury Youth Football club who were wanting to hire the Recreation Ground for their football fixtures. After discussion, it was proposed by Cllr Hamer and seconded by Cllr Wright that the clerk contact the club and explain that if the dates don’t clash with the Marnhull team then this is fine, but they also need to contact the Village Hall about the use of the Pavilion.

Parish Councillors reports

Cllr Mrs Hamer reported on the defibrillator training session that it would be a good idea to get the younger people of the village involved next year and that £12-00 was collected for the Air Ambulance.

Cllr Kerr reported that again vandalism had taken place by the skate park with a number of glass bottles being broken and left about. The rubbish bin again had been moved indicating possible access to the roof of the Village Hall and still no anti climb paint had been used. He will inform Cllr Wright and ask her to raise it with the Village Hall committee. In the play area some of the bridge needs replacing at a cost estimated at £2,000-00 due to the wood rotting but it is stable at present. Also the seat around the tree is also requiring attention but again it is stable at the moment.

Following the finding of a seat and bin in Sackmore Lane discussion took place on how it should be dealt with as it had fallen into disrepair as it was no longer being looked after by a local resident. Cllrs M Ruth, N Chapman and T Vaughan volunteered to inspect it cut away the brambles and report back.

Cllr Cullender reported that Great Downs grit bin had been replaced and filled.
Flooding had been reported in Love Lane and he would report the issue to Highways Dept. Also in Love Lane by Burton Street a hedge required attention as it needs cutting back. Clerk will write to the owners. He also reported that he had circulated a new design to be used on official notepaper it was agreed by all and Cllr Cullender was thanked for his initiative.

Cllr Mrs Ruth reported no information was as yet available on adopting the telephone boxes as it seems BT and NDC are unable to confirm if we can adopt them. After discussion Cllr L Ruth will make further enquiries and report back

11. 2017/119 Clerk’s Report/s
Should The Parish Council will have a recess it January.

12. Correspondence –
Nothing further.

Chairman closed the meeting by thanking the Clerk and Councillors for all their work during the year and wished them together with all a Happy Christmas and a safe and peaceful New Year

13. 2017/120 Date and time of next meeting

Council Meeting Monday 5th February 2017 in the Village Hall at 7pm

The meeting concluded at 8.35pm.