Minutes 3rd April 2018

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 3rd April 2018 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall.

Cllr Vaughan (Chairman)
Cllr Chapman
Cllr Mr Ruth
Cllr Mrs Ruth
Cllr Cullender
Cllr Wright Left at 8.30pm
Cllr Kerr
Cllr Hamer
Cllr Wiles

Sally Upshall – Clerk
There weren’t any members of the public present.

1. Welcome & Domestic Notices

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming those present and announcing the Domestic Notices.

Planning Meeting

2/2018/0364/House Grangefield, Sackmore Lane, Marnhull –
Install dormer window to front roof slope and rooflights to rear roof slope to form accommodation in roof space. Install replacement windows and doors.

Resolved: No Objection.

2/2018/0002/LBC Rosedale Cottage, Crown Road, Marnhull –
Extend height of the chimneys to 180cm from the ridge of roof. Carry out external alterations in connection to.

Resolved: No Objection.

The Clerk raised an issue reference an application for Meadow Cottage Old Mill Lane which we had not received. She has asked NDDC why.

2. 2018/012 Declarations of Interest Regarding
a) Agenda Items
Cllr Wright regarding expenses on the Payment Schedule.

b) Grant of dispensations regarding Disclosable Pecuniary Interests when setting the Annual Precept

3. 2018/023 Public Consultation

Council Session

4. 2018/024 Apologies for Absence.
Cllr Jane Westbrook – NDDC Councillor.
Cllr Graham Carr-Jones – DCC.

5. 2018/025 Chairman’s Urgent Business
The Vice Chairman raised a concern over a footpath in the Village and the clerk informed him that the correct course of action with regard any footpath queries was to first go to Mr Ham the Footpath Officer.

6. 2018/026 Minutes
The minutes for the 5th of March 2018 were agreed and signed.

7. 2018/027 Matters arising from the previous minutes (not on agenda)
The sign at Corner close had now been removed, and the neighbours have received information that a new developer is due to take over the building work in two weeks.
The broken bench along Sackmore Lane was discussed and it was decided that the Council would ask the men’s shed if they would be prepared to undertake the repairs as they are happy to take on volunteering work. Cllr Cullender as a member of the men’s shed will take this request back to them.
The bin on Sackmore Lane was discussed and Cllr Mike Ruth will look and report back to the Council.

8. 2018/028 Financial Matters

a) Payment Schedule.
Payment Schedule for March for £2240.19 was signed by the Chairman.

9. 2018/029 Planning Matters
The Chairman and Cllr Chapman reported on the meeting they had had with Cllr Jane Westbrook, Cllr Carr-Jones and Paul Crocker regarding the proposed developments in Marnhull. Discussion followed, and it was asked that the Chairman get a copy of the outline plans from Savills for information and Cllr Chapman will draft something to go in the Marnhull Messenger to keep the Village informed.

The clerk read out an email she had received from the developers of the Sackmore Lane/Burton Street regarding choices of names for the development. After discussion it was proposed by Cllr Mrs Ruth that it be named Chestnut Close, this was seconded by Cllr Chapman and all were in favour.

Cllr Wright gave a brief overview on the recent planning training that herself and four other councillors had attended. Sadly, they did not find this training particularly helpful or informative. The Chairman will pass on the feedback and request a copy of the materials that they had been told would be sent. He will also make enquiries re a local session for Councillors.

10. 2018/030 Councillors’ Reports

Parish Councillors reports
Grass cutting Rec/Cemetery – Cllr Hamer has previously circulated information regarding the grass cutting and Chris Woods will be continuing with the Church yard. He will contact the clerk to inform her of the increase of payment for her to contact the bank to increase the standing order.
The tree at the end of the Recreation Ground drive was discussed and the cost of removing this has been added to the quote for the Council. The Chairman will follow this up with Mr Crocker.
The dumping of the Chicken Manure right by the Children’s play area was also discussed and the Chairman explained Mr Crocker’s explanation of why this may have happened.

Cllr Kerr spoke regarding the Health and Safety inspections that need to be carried out in the Recreation Ground. He had a quotation from The Play Inspection Company for £130 plus vat to complete the inspection for the Play area and the Skatepark. It was proposed by Cllr Kerr that we take up this quotation and this was seconded by Cllr Hamer and all were in favor.

Cllr Hamer asked the clerk to order some sand for the Play area.

The Chairman raised the problem of the pothole in the drive. The Clerk replied that it was in hand by Kingsmere who were waiting for a bit of dry weather.

Street Control in Villages – The Chairman explained that he will be having a meeting with Michael Potter regarding speeding in the Village at 2.30pm on the 16th of April.
Savills have probably completed some information on speeding it had been said in some of their documents, so the Chairman will ask them for that information.
Cricket Club SLA – It was proposed by Cllr Chapman that the Parish Council accept the Cricket Club SLA, the clerk to sign and return to the Cricket Club for signing, this was seconded by Cllr Mrs Ruth and all were in favor. The Chairman raised an issue re the covers as he had noticed leaves had congregated under them and wondered if the grass was dead the meeting was assured that was not the case.

Annual Parish Assembly – This will take place on Friday 20th of April at 7pm in the Village Hall.

Data Protection – There are changes to the Data Protection Law coming and the clerk read out some information she had received from the ICO regarding this.

Finger Post Signs – the clerk has reported the broken ones to DCC and is awaiting a response.

Telephone Boxes – The contract was signed, and the clerk will forward back to BT.

Chairman and Vice Chair for 2018/19 – The voting for this will take place at the next meeting in May.

11. 2018/031 Clerk’s Report/s – It was suggested that we look at forming a group of villagers who have suitable vehicles to run errands for villagers during bouts of snow etc.

12. Correspondence –

13. 2018/032 Date and time of next meeting

Council Meeting Monday 7th May 2018 in the Village Hall at 7pm

The meeting concluded at 8.40 pm.