Minutes 1st February 2016

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 1st February at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

Chairman Cllr Vaughan
Cllr Lawson
Cllr Cullender
Cllr Hamer
Cllr Wiles

The Clerk – Mrs S Upshall

There were four members of the public present.

1. The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed those present.

2. Co-Option of a New Councillor
Mrs Jane Wright attended the meeting with the hope of being Co-Opted onto the Council.
The Chairman asked Mrs Wright the necessary questions, and then Mrs Wright gave the Council some information on her history and what she could bring to the Council and the reasons as to why she would like to join the Council.
Cllr Cullender proposed that Mrs Wright be co-opted onto the Council this was seconded by Cllr Lawson and all were in favour.
The relevant forms were signed and the clerk will forward to NDDC.

3. Planning Meeting
2/2016/0051 Hill View, Crown Road, Marnhull – Erect Car Port.

Resolved: No Objection.

2/2015/1316/FUL New Street Dairy, New Street, Marnhull – Amended plans to the previously approved application.

Resolved: No Objection.

2/2016/0012/HOUSE Ridge House, Sackmore Lane, Marnhull – Erect Porch (demolish existing).
Councillors had been unable to view the plans on line so an electronic vote will be taken on this application.

4. Public Consultation.
Mr Kendall reported to the Council some concerns he had over the moving of a footpath near his property. He explained that he had been told that one of his neighbours had been told that if he paid £5000 he could have the footpath moved. The clerk explained that this is something that she had never heard of anyone paying DCC for the removal/moving of footpaths. And if the footpath was to be moved it would have to go through a consultation process which the Parish Council would be informed of.
Mr Kendall also explained that he was concerned about some the drains that needed clearing and the clerk explained that these were continually reported to DCC and they periodically came and unblocked them.
He also asked about the hedge along Chippel Lane and the clerk explained that Cllr Cullender had done a great job in finding the deeds of the field and these had been forwarded to Specturm Housing and they have said that they will get the contractors out asap.

Mr Eveleigh asked if there was any further information on the Balance Pond. The Chairman explained that he had had a conversation with Paul Crocker and the maintenance of the pond if spilt three ways between the Doctors Surgery, the Pharmacy and the land owner (himself). The Chairman is going to follow this up with the three parties to see if an agreement can be reached to get the pond cleared. Action Chairman.

Mr Eveleigh reported on email contact he had had with Mr Mark Hitchcott Planning Enforement Officer at NDDC regarding the digging on the Sackmore Lane/Burton Street field.
Mr Eveleigh explained that he wrote regarding a breach of condition 7 of the Planning Conditions that states that “No excavation (not necessarily part of the Development) shall take place within the site, until a programme of investigative archaeological work has been submitted to and agreed by the Local Planning Authority”.
He explained that there had been a digger in the field digging a number of pits and he asked NDDC to confirm that they had received the Archaeological work programme.
Mr Hitchcott has confirmed that the Planning conditions only ever come into effect when a development by a planning consent is begun. The commencement of development which is defined by section 56 of the Town and Council Planning Act 1990 does not include test pits.

Mr Eveleigh then replied explaining that this had not been made clear and that the wording of the NDDC planning condition is extremely misleading and badly flawed.
The Chairman said that he will discuss this when he is at the NDDC Offices on Tuesday and report back to the Council. Action Chairman.

Cllr Hamer gave out the name plates and badges she had had made. The Chairman passed a vote of thanks to Cllr Hamer for doing this.

5. 2016/001 Apologies for Absence
Cllr Mr Jolly and Mrs P Jolly.
Cllr Westbrook and Cllr Dowden – NDDC Councillors.

6. 2016/002 Declaration of Interest. [Regarding Agenda Items.] There were none.

No changes reported.

7. 2016/003 Minutes
The minutes of the Council Meeting held on the 7th of December were agreed and signed
by the Chairman.

8. Matters arising from the previous minutes.
Letter from the Chairman to NDDC Planning Department – No reply received yet, carried forward.
The Balance Pond – Ongoing.
Cllr Westbrook to contact the Chair of the Neighbourhood Planning Committee – Cllr Westbrook hasn’t done this as yet – follow up at the next meeting.
Chippel Lane hedge – Action Closed.
Meeting with BMV Partnership to see how the new Partnership was working – Cllr Westbrook – Follow up at the next meeting.
Recreation/Cemetery Deeds – The Chairman asked if Councillors to have a think and she if this is something they may like to carry on with. Follow up at the next meeting.
Cllr Jolly to forward to the clerk the information he has on the Risk Assessment – Follow up at the next meeting.

9. 2016/004 Financial Matters

A. Payment Schedule-the total cost to the Parish Council for January/February was £3160.86. This was agreed by the Council.

B. Financial Statements for the 1st December/1st January 2015 were agreed.

10. 2016/005 Planning Matters
2/2014/1126/FUL 24, Pilwell, Marnhull – Application went to appeal and this was approved.

2/2015/1878/House Highfield, Crown Road, Marnhull – Amended plans for a change to the roof were approved.

11. (a) DCC – No Report.

12. (b) NDDC – No Report Carried over to next meeting re action points from 7th December meeting.
Neighbourhood Planning Group
I understand that Cllr Westbrook is on the Planning Policy Panel for the District Council. Since joining the Panel, has she contacted the Chairman of the Marnhull Neighbourhood Planning Group to see what areas of District Planning Policy has affected the working of the village group and fed these points back to the District Council Planning Policy Panel?

Cllr Westbrook replied to Mr Eveleigh saying that she would follow this up and contact the Chairman of the Neighbourhood Planning Group. ACTION CLLR WESTBROOK

9. (b) NDDC –
Cllr Westbrook explained that some new travellers had arrived at St James. She
Also explained that the grit in the layby at Todber will be spread soon. The clerk
noted that she had not received an invoice as yet, Cllr Westbrook said that she
would chase this up. ACTION CLLR WESTBROOK
Cllr Westbrook also noted that she had had a meeting with the BMV Partnership to
see how things are going with the new partnership and if they are managing patient


Housing – Cllr Lawson had passed notes to the Chairman for the Development Committee Meeting on Tuesday 2nd February. The Chairman read out the notes to all Councilliors.

Risk Assessment – This was carried forward onto the next meeting.

Elect a Deputy Chair – It was proposed by Cllr Hamer that Cllr Cullender become Deputy Chair, this was seconded by Cllr Wiles and all were in favour. Cllr Cullender accepted the proposal. The clerk will change the contact list and forward to all. Action Clerk.

Recruitment of New Councillors – The Chairman welcomed Cllr Wright to the Council. Mr and Mrs Ruth also attended the meeting and may be co-opted onto the Council at the next meeting.

Bus Transport – The Chairman explained that there is a new consultation taking place. At this stage the Chairman was unsure how this may affect Marnhull, the clerk offered to have a look into this further and let Councillors know how this may affect the Village. Action Clerk.

Footpaths – There had been a report of the footpath in Ham Meadows having garden waste thrown onto it and some tyre tracks from a motor vehicle. The clerk will report this to Graham Stanley. Action Clerk.

First Aid in Schools – The Chairman reported that St John’s Ambulance had tried to get in contact with the schools but they had not returned their calls. The clerk will chase this up with the two schools. Action Clerk.

Defibrillator – The Chairman read out a letter he had received from the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance to thank us for the donation.

Neighbourhood Plan- Cllr Lawson explained that the planning group were considering joining with the District Council with regard to the Neighbourhood Plan rather than producing our own. They will find out the criteria that needed to be applied before getting the Village involved and they would also consult the Village for their views through the Marnhull Messenger and other sources.

The Chairman explained that he had had correspondence from The Stours Council regarding their concerns over the increase in traffic when all the building work starts on the new houses in Gillingham and Shaftesbury. They would like to include Marnhull in any correspondence and would like one of the Marnhull Parish Councillor’s to attend the meetings from time to time.

Cllr Hamer reported that the path at the Recreation leading out into Nash Lane is being cleaned to hopefully make it less slippery. She also noted that a hanging branch had been removed form one of the trees.
Cllr Hamer explained to the Council that the Cricket Club had approached her to ask whether them having wicket covers would be feasible. This would be at their cost. All Councillors were In agreement that this was fine for the Cricket club to go ahead with this.

The Chairman read out some information that he had received from Helen Butler from the Tennis Club. It was from a telephone mast company who had said that if they could erect a mast on the Recreation Ground then they would provide the tennis club with flood lights around the tennis court.
Councillors were concerned about this idea and thought that this would be met with some Village concern regarding the siting of a telephone mast in the Recreation Ground and the effect the lights may have on the surrounding properties. It will be further discussed at the next meeting. Action Clerk.

13. 2016/006 Actioned Items –
The action items were discussed.

14. 2016/007Clerk’s Report
The clerk reported that she had received correspondence from Gillingham Town Council that they were unable to carry out the street cleaning and the play area and skate park inspections as of the 31st March 2016. The clerk will contact them to see if there is anyone that they recommend that we can use to carry out these vital services. Action Clerk.
Cllr Wiles wanted it noted in the minutes that the clerk had been offered a pension scheme from the Parish Council which she has declined.
The clerk also asked the Parish Council to consider paying for the hire of the Pavilion during the fest week, which the fest committee and St Gregory’s Church use. The cost to the Parish Council will be approximately £120. After discussion this was agreed by the Councillors.

15. 2016/008 Correspondence

16. 2016/009 Chairman’s Urgent Business.

17. 2016/010 Date of next meeting/s
Council Meeting Monday 7th March at 7pm in the Village Hall.

The meeting concluded at 8.45 pm.