Dogs on the Recreation Ground

Over the last few weeks there have been several complaints to the Parish Council from villagers of dogs running loose both in the Cemetery and on the Recreation Ground and an increase in dog fouling in both areas.

On behalf of the whole village, Marnhull Parish Council has a long-standing policy that all dogs should be kept on the lead in both areas and notices are displayed prominently to this effect. The Cemetery is a place of remembrance for many Parishioners and therefore should remain a tranquil and peaceful area which should always be treated with respect. It is certainly not the place where dogs should be allowed to run free and defecate.

On the Recreation Ground there has been an increase of dog fouling again due to a few irresponsible dog owners who allow their dogs to run free and do not clear up after them despite there being several bins available to deposit dog waste. Dog faeces may contain Toxocara which can have a serious effect on young children and adults. It can affect the eyes and cause breathing difficulties. The groundsmen that keep the Recreation Ground neat and tidy are also put at risk by this careless act.

Although there are stiff fines for allowing your dog to defecate in these public areas the Parish Council feels that education in these matters is a better solution. We ask responsible dog owners and members of the public, if they see dogs running free in these areas or defecating, to perhaps have a gentle word with the owners pointing out the notices and dog bins.

If there is no improvement in this matter the Parish Council may be obliged to look at other more stringent methods of stopping this antisocial behaviour including banning dogs from both areas.

Your help in this matter would be much appreciated as we want to keep these areas clean and tidy for the use of all Parish residents.

Remember ‘Bag it and Bin it, most people in this area do’

Trevor Vaughan
Cllr T B Vaughan. MBE Chairman