Changes to Village Care

As you will read elsewhere in the Messenger, the Marnhull Village Helpline closes on August 31st, but Marnhull Village Care continues to support the village. Contact numbers are Hillary Parker 01258 821667, Trevor Vaughan 01258 821636.

The car service previously operated will consider requests for hospital, Doctors, Dentist appointments, these will now by managed by Mrs Ann Davis – Penson on the following number 07769-962840.

I would also like to thank the following for their support:
All those who volunteered and did a splendid job in so many ways to support those in need within the village.
Shaftesbury & Gillingham Round Table.
Dorset Coronavirus Community Fund.
Dorset Freemasons.
Marnhull Parish Counci

What we are

An organisation of volunteers from the village which was founded in 1974 to welcome newcomers moving into the village and to provide help and support where possible to anyone of any age who may be in need.
A series of volunteer Road Contacts exists to take note of newcomers to the village. The new household receive two visits, a preliminary contact with a welcome, followed a few weeks later by a further visit to ascertain how the family was settling in. The Road Contacts are also the contact points if anyone requires help.

A Newcomers Party held once a year for those who have moved in the past year to meet each other, the Road Contacts and key members of the community; Head Teachers, Clergy and Local Councillors. Any Road contacts who belong to clubs and societies also present to chat about those.

To look out for and offer help to the elderly, vulnerable or those in need; shopping, sitting with the frail to relieve the carers, acting as a conduit to ‘point’ people towards those professionals who could help.

● A list of volunteer drivers exists to take any in the community who otherwise cannot travel to hospital, medical or legal appointments. A scale of contributions towards fuel is reviewed regularly. This service is for anyone, young or old.

With Covid 19 some of you very kindly volunteered to help those in need and now that hopefully normality is returning, we need to think of the future particularly if a second spike appears and we need to reinstate the Help Line but, we also need to think about the continuing need of the villagers.
Some of you did shopping etc and in so doing they got to know you and you them so, should the need arise would you still be able to help them?
Could you help or be a Road Contact?
Could you spend a while on the phone or in person for a chat?
Could you visit someone at home or hospital?
Could you spare a couple of hours to take or collect someone from Hospital?
If the answer is yes to one or more of the above, I would like to hear from you my contact details are as follows:
Telephone: 01258 821636.

Trevor Vaughan.MBE.